Two contestants were just eliminated on American Idol. Here's who's left for Season 22 of the ABC reality show.

On Sunday (April 21), Nya and Jordan Reynolds were sent home. That trims the finalists to 12, which is typically when the most intense part of the competition begins. It's a diverse group of newcomers, stage veterans and styles.

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Who's Left On American Idol?

Country music is well represented among the remaining singers on American Idol. Triston Harper, Will Moseley and Mia Matthews are the three finalists who've leaned hard into the genre but many of the rest show promise.

It's hard to identify a favorite this year but Loretta Lynn's granddaughter Emmy Russell certainly has family name recognition. Abi Carter is called a piano virtuoso and sometimes (but certainly not always) that gets a singer to the finals.

As always, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry (who recently announced she'll be leaving the show) and Lionel Richie are judges for American Idol. Their feedback shapes public opinion of each performer's time on the show, although sometimes a fan base may step up for a singer they think is being picked on.

This list of remaining contestants will be updated with each elimination. American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays on ABC.

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