In a race that featured five challengers for the win, Shawn Kuennen scored the win in the IMCA Hobby Stock Saturday at Independence Motor Speedway.

Video Courtesy: Local Vizion via YouTube

Shawn Kuennen edges August Bach for win (Photo: Jim Wittke/Speedway Souvenir)
Shawn Kuennen edges August Bach for win (Photo: Jim Wittke/Speedway Souvenir)

Kuennen had to fend of challenges from last week's winner August Bach, also Benji Irvine, Brett Vanous, and Quinton Miller. The five of them were two and three wide during the closing laps of IMCA Hobby Stock A-Main. Kuennen edged Bach by a bumper. Irvine, Vanous, & Miller finished third through fifth respectively just a few car lengths behind.

Ben Seeman hit paydirt with his career first IMCA Late Model win. Seeman jumped out to an early lead, but Ryan Dolan was closing in during the closing stages of the feature event, but Doaln ran out of time and settled for second. Rory Metcalf came home third followed by Darren Ackerman and Brian Hunter.

Darin Duffy returned to his winning ways when he was first to the finish line during the IMCA Modified A-Main. Duffy saw a huge lead erased with a late race caution, but Duffy would not be denied. Adam Johnson, Jason Morehous, Scott Hogan, and Zach Less made up the rest of the Top five.

Cole Mather held off a hard charging Paul Shepard in the caution free IMCA Stock Car main event. Shephard started seventh, but that did not stop him for working through the field. Shepard just couldn't find a way around Mather who took the win. Shephard finished second. Norman Chesmore and Roger Ciesielski staged a great battle for third which eventual went to Chesmore. David Brandies completed the top five.

It was Olson and Olson finishing one-two during the IMCA Northern SportMod A-Main. Tony Olson was first followed by Kyle Olson. Lucas Lundry finished third. Tristian Cordes came home fourth. Nate Smith recovered after having to change a flat tire to finish fifth.

Chad Dugan edged Jason Gorman for the Indee Car feature. Kaden Reynolds ended his night in third.

Next week is Appliance Plus/US Cellular Night at the Independence Motor Speedway featuring all six classes. Gates open at 4:30 PM and hot laps are set for 6:30 PM.

MAY 13, 2017

Budweiser Late Models
A Feature 1 25 laps
1. 60-Ben Seemann[1]; 2. 1D-Ryan Dolan[3]; 3. 2-Rory Metcalf[2]; 4. 53-Darren Ackerman[5]; 5. 1H-Brian Hunter[8]; 6. 2P-Jon Passick[10]; 7. 77-Dirk Hamilton[9]; 8. 99-Luke Pestka[6]; 9. 222-Russ Hesse[11]; 10. 18-Tom Schmitt[14]; 11. 5W-Scott Welsh[12]; 12. 85C-Bryce Carey[15]; 13. 8R-Sean Johnson[7]; 14. 25-Adam Johnson[13]; 15. 73-Greg Kastli[4]

Performance Bodies Modifieds
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 19D-Darin Duffy[4]; 2. 24R-Adam Johnson[6]; 3. 5-Jason Morehouse[1]; 4. 33D-Scott Hogan[7]; 5. 20L-Zach Less[5]; 6. F7-Patrick Flannagan[12]; 7. 57B-Dennis Betzer[3]; 8. 7-Todd Jensen[9]; 9. 9-Ben Metcalf[8]; 10. 21-Brennen Chipp[2]; 11. 5B-Austin Bishop[11]; 12. 66-Terry Johnson[10]; (DNS) 53-Mike Burbridge

Burco Sales Stock Cars
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 74C-Cole Mather[1]; 2. 31S-Paul Shephard[7]; 3. 15-Norman Chesmore[4]; 4. 37C-Roger Ciesielski[8]; 5. 71-David Brandies[11]; 6. 56T-Justin Temeyer[5]; 7. 7H-Phil Holtz[10]; 8. 3T-Scooter Dulin[13]; 9. JR3-Jason Hocken[2]; 10. 18-Tom Schmitt[9]; 11. 20B-Matt Burmeister[15]; 12. 3-Jarod Weepie[6]; 13. 115-Hannah Chesmore[12]; 14. 13-Rick Milks[14]; 15. 4JR-Russell Damme Jr.[3]; (DNS) 9E-Austin Evens

Albert Auto SportMods
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. T23-Tony Olson[10]; 2. K3-Kyle Olson[12]; 3. 96-Lucas Lundry[16]; 4. 71-Tristan Cordes[2]; 5. 19B-Nate Smith[15]; 6. 11A-Andy Hunter[8]; 7. 7D-Dakoda Sellers[11]; 8. 42-Chris Lewis[5]; 9. 4M-David Wimer[17]; 10. 57R-Ryan King[3]; 11. B21-Brandon Tharp[6]; 12. 29H-Cale Hurst[13]; 13. B62-Brandon Davis[1]; 14. 35-Kyle Bentley[9]; 15. 29-Sean Vogt[7]; 16. 50H-Steve Wimer[18]; 17. 33-Chuck Lewis[14]; 18. 05-Aaron Mitchell[4]; 19. 23-Synjun Bauer[19]

Christie Door Co. Hobby Stocks
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 35B-Shawn Kuennen[7]; 2. 4-August Bach[10]; 3. 79-Benji Irvine[9]; 4. 357-Brett Vanous[3]; 5. 73-Quinton Miller[2]; 6. 09-Daniel Wauters[4]; 7. 7B-Jim Ball Jr[6]; 8. 88-Luke Bird[1]; 9. 11.5-Andrew Torkelson[12]; 10. 20CK-Justin Ginther[5]; 11. 24T-Tyler Ollendieck[8]; 12. 64-Jerome Wilson[11]; 13. 18S-Gary Ollendieck[13]; 14. 146-Leighton Potter[15]; (DNS) 98-Neal Miller

RCZ Enterprises Indee Cars
A Feature 1 12 laps
1. 7-Chad Dugan[6]; 2. 12-Jason Gorman[7]; 3. 1-Kaden Reynolds[2]; 4. 99X-Erick Knutsen[3]; 5. 4-Russ Olson[4]; 6. 99-Darrick Knutsen[9]; 7. 19X-Matt Dugan[8]; 8. 31-Matt Schaefer[1]; 9. 1BC-Brad Cole[10]; 10. 51-Cole McNeal[5]; (DNS) 18X-Jaycee Floyd

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