(Photo above is not a picture of the actual missing cattle.)

The Stearns County Sheriff is asking people to keep an eye out for some missing cattle from the Rockville area. In a post shared to Facebook, the sheriff's office wrote:

A case of missing cattle has been reported. Approximately 7 missing Black Angus cattle are missing from Rockville. They are all steers and approximately 1 1/2 years old. None of them have tags or markings. They have been missing since Sunday, May 22nd.
If located, please call our office at 320-259-3702.

The post was shared online on Tuesday, May 24th, two days after the cattle went missing. The post doesn't disclose if the steers are believed to have been stolen or wandered off.

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If you do ever come across loose cattle on the road, be it these missing steers or otherwise, here is what you should do:

1. Call the owners, if you don't know who they belong to, or where they came from, call the police.

2.  Take detailed notes as to where the cattle are.

3. Do not get out of your vehicle.  Cattle are used to their caretaker’s voice and vehicle, and your presence could scare them off, and extra frightened cows could break off from the herd. They can also become defensive.

4. If you want to stay and make sure they aren’t hit, park in a safe place and turn your flashers on, warning others to slow down.

Hopefully these steers are located and returned home soon!

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