Another St. Patrick's Day is HERE! Whether you're going to keep the party between just you and your partner, or you do plan to have a gathering, music is essential to enhancing the good times! While there's probably some fun Irish music to drink to, save that for Irish Fest, and bust out the COUNTRY for your celebration. Here's my essential country drinking song playlist. I've got some more recent songs, and some more classic ones sure to please all drinkin' ages (21+ that is).

Let's get started:

Billy Currington's 'Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer' celebrates the underachieving beer drinker in all of us!

Little Big Town's 'Wine, Beer, Whiskey' is the newest song on my playlist. It's also an ESSENTIAL drinking song. Count the brand references. Or, take a shot for each one...

'Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off' from Joe Nichols is just ESSENTIAL! And hilarious.

I love Toby Keith. I could have filled a whole drinking playlist with just his music. But, I'll go with a fairly obvious one... Raise that cup!

I love all things Brooks & Dunn. I feel like 'Beer Thirty' caught on as much as a phrase as it did as a song.

Why George Jones' 'If Drinking Don't Kill Me Her Memory Will'? Cuz we need at least one 'I drink cuz of an ex' song. DUH. It's country music...

Go ahead, do as Alan says and pop a top!

Little Big Town... back again. It's St. Patrick's Day and there's too much DAY to not day drink.

Two legends. From earlier, you know my thoughts on Toby Keith. Here he and Willie celebrate sharing that beer. With a horse, of course.

I'm not a wine guy. But, this new smash from Kelsea still deserves a spot on any drinking playlist.

Eric... this is an anthem and we appreciate it.

This early Dierks hit doesn't get enough love. Nor, an official music video.

You HAVE to have some Hank Jr. on that playlist. This one is perfect for your drinkin' party.

Kip's 'Beer Money' is a fun, light hearted hit. Ooh, light... like light beer.

Bottoms Up... like the song says! Brantley is clean and sober these days, which is AWESOME for him. But the song is still a lot of fun!

And finally... NO party is complete with out this Garth Brooks essential. SING ALONG!

I hope you have a wonderful and safe St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy!

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