Some people, myself included, love all things murder mystery. I know lots of fans of 'murder' podcasts like Crime Junkie. If that's you, and you're into a little morbid Waterloo, Iowa history, then you should definitely checkout the new Peacock streaming series John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise. It's long, in depth, disturbing, and hits very close to home.

Yes, it's on Peacock which you may not have, but I strongly suggest you at least pop in for the free trial to watch it. I've researched the Gacy story, but this docuseries blew what I'd learned out of the water. I mean, they have actual interview footage with Gacy that's previously not been shown in detail or shared with the public.

Waterloo Police Department (1968)
Waterloo Police Department (1968)

I won't sit here and hit you with spoilers, but a couple quick Waterloo and/or Gacy in Iowa related nuggets from the series that are expanded on in great detail:

  • Gacey's family (his sister is interviewed) said he was 'normal' before he moved to Waterloo.
  • He managed several area Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises owned by his father-in-law.
  • He felt his Waterloo arrest (not for murder) was a political hit piece.
  • He was very active in the community (especially with the Jaycees), but not usually in a good way...
  • He ended-up at the prison in Anamosa - he was there from 1968-1970 and should have been there much, much longer.
  • He helped the prison get a mini golf course.
  • 'Iowa Nice' may have led directly to many, many murders.

The series is rated 'TV-14' and while it's not overly graphic in showing dead bodies/gore, it's highly disturbing in terms of both content and the detail with which it's described. Much of it from Gacy himself. Also, since most of his sick, heinous acts were perpetuated against minors, it's a good idea to not watch this one with the kids.

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