Every state has the things they are known for. State mottos, birds, trees, muffins (Iowa has NO official state food, PS). Leave it to the good folks over at Barstool to determine what every state's signature shoe would be.

Iowa's was deemed the K-Swiss classic:

IOWA: K-Swiss Classics. A tennis shoe made especially for tennis, the K-Swiss classics bring a simplicity to footwear that is extremely hard to find nowadays. Iowans and K-Swiss classics both follow the K.I.S.S. acronym perfectly.


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I mean, when I think state of farmers and cattle, hogs, ag, etc. I didn't exactly think simple tennis shoe... but, it's hard to disagree with Barstool's 'K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) reference.

What type of footwear did other states become associated with in this study? Some states had some... bizarre picks:

  • Arizona: Dirty Vans
  • Kentucky: Barefoot
  • Mississippi: Grass cutting shoes
  • Nevada: Athletic Works Two Strap Velcro
  • Washington: Hiking sandals w/ socks

So, it could certainly be worse than the ol' K-Swiss.

See the full list of state shoes on Barstool's website.

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