With the COVID-19 pandemic about to enter another month, it's hard to imagine certain activities ever being the same again, though I'm sure in time they will be. For now, one such activity is going to the movies. Even though Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds just gave the green light for theaters to reopen.

Despite this, most Iowan's would prefer to stick to watching new, first run flicks from their own couch via VOD or, video on demand. In fact, according to Variety, 70% of us say that is what we'd prefer to keep watching from home, as oppose to one of our area theaters.

But why? Look, I love going to the movies. The communal experience of, say, seeing a Star Wars or Marvel movie with a bunch of like minded sci-fi fans. Or nerds if you would. The thought of seeing a comedy with others ready to laugh... it just feels like... a date night. Maybe that's my age talking? Hey, I am still under 40! I just remember going to the movies on a Friday night after school, or a matinee with my dad in the summer. It was, and I think still is, very special.

I asked around the office, both the DJ's still in-house, and staff working from home, and the consensus was... SPLIT. Here's what I heard from everyone:

  • Those PRO theaters enjoy the bigger screen...
  • The sense of community
  • The popcorn (movie theater popcorn is ALWAYS BETTER!)
  • Those PRO new movies from home enjoy the costs savings - I get it if you have kids
  • The ability to hit pause to use the bathroom or make food.
  • The whole 'on demand' aspect.

I get both sides and, maybe with certain movies I'd be perfectly happy going the VOD route. In the meantime, let's get those new movies back in theaters!

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