So when you have a lil' extra cash, what are you spending it on? What's extra money you ask... a good question. If you do find yourself with a few extra buckaroos, what do you do? Hit the town for a night out? Spoil your pets or kids? Since the study didn't include a "save it" option, here's what we're blowing our extra bucks on.

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Let's spend money on fun, shall we?

A poll found in the Daily Mirror asked 2,000 people what they spend their disposable income on. It was done in England, but most of them translate to the US just fine. Here are the top ten things we spend our money on after our bills are taken care of. Or for some people, before their bills are paid:

  • Eating out at restaurants.
  • Vacations.
  • Clothes.
  • Entertainment, including things like movies.
  • Our hobbies. (I have a coin collection... not even ashamed to admit it! Also, it's expensive)
  • Books.
  • Going to the bar.
  • Our pets.
  • Gadgets and electronics.
  • Music or concert tickets.

These are all solid items and experiences. However, I still think some Americans are saving extra income or, rolling it into a stocks app or something that could prove to be a solid return on investment. I throw $100 a month into a retirement acount. Maybe that doesn't count towards disposable inclome. It is, admittedly, less fun than a night out.

Also, the study found that 30% of people in the poll said they'd probably have more disposable income if they were a little better at budgeting. Isn't that why they invented credit cards? Oh and wait bad advice. Sorry!

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