This red... it's got sort of an oaky afterbirth. Thank you for that one Michael Scott. In reality, what do you say after sipping a good wine? Don't ask anyone around here. People in Waterloo don't like wine. But they also don't like wine in Waverly. Or Oelwein. Or even Des Moines. This according to a new study from Zippia. Their research uncovered the fact Iowans are not fans of wine, despite alcohol consumption in the state soaring in 2020 (though, largely due to COVID no doubt). Iowa ranked 42nd out of 50 in wine-lovin'. We drink an average of only 7.3 bottles a year.

Let's dig in a bit here. First off, Iowa does not have many wineries as compared to other states. As of a couple years ago, we had 140. Compare that over 400 in Michigan (#24 on the wine lovers list) and Washington State's 1000+ (they're #18 by the way), and Iowa is dwarfed. Iowa also has only about 400 winery employees. California has over 36,000 - but that's not surprise. California is home to Napa Valley.

Next off, wine consumption just doesn't seem to be a part of the Iowa culture. Lots of field and factory jobs. Who wants to come home to a glass of cabernet? That's what beer was invented for. Well, that and to drink during a ball game. It just seems like for most folks in Iowa prefer Busch Light, or a similar light beer. Sprits like whisky and vodka based drinks. And, of course, something called water. But there's lots of water in beer, right?

Iowa does have a favorite wine, however. It's Cabernet. As far as wine love goes, the state that hearts wine the most is, oddly, Idaho. You'd think California would be at the top, but they ranked 6th overall. See how all 50 states did here.

My wife, a native Iowan, is a wine lover and, as she'd say: It's wine-o'clock somewhere.

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