I'm a cat dad. I have three. They're... usually cute and fun. Usually... They were nice companions when I spend more time at home last year. For most Americans while 2020 was a rough year, in was less so the case for animals in need of a new home. The pandemic helped fuel pet adoptions nationwide. The website Porch broke down what animal, cats or dogs, were more adopted in each state. The results for Iowa weren't terribly close.

Iowans adopted more cats in 2020 than dogs. 62% of all pet adoptions were cats in Iowa. That is out of the 7,611 recorded pet adoptions in the state for last year. This fell in line with both Nebraska and Wisconsin. Both states favored cat adoptions last year. Minnesota, Illinois South Dakota and Missouri saw more dogs get adopted than cats. Overall, Connecticut had the highest adoption rate for dogs, while New Hampshire had the highest overall for cats.

The study also determined dog owners pay more. They will spend $514 more on their pet each year than cat owners will. Whichever you prefer, even if you're more of a hamster, bunny or goldfish fan, we can all agree on this: all animals need a good home! And we all win when they get one.

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