The pandemic was a unique and eye-opening experience. And while you could argue it's not officially over, here in Iowa, pretty much all businesses are open and it's more normal than this time last year. One thing that's also more like it was before, our thoughts on being in our kitchens.

Iowans have fallen out of love with cooking

First off, no one doesn't love to eat. It's simply the process of getting to eating we have issues with. During COVID when you couldn't just plop down at your favorite restaurant, Iowans, and Americans, did a lot more cooking. And, for the most part, people loved it. That sentiment however has changed.

According to a study from SWNS Digital, we're no longer crazy about cooking. The study finds 35% of Americans say the pandemic has actually 'exhausted' any love they had for cooking, while just a shade under 40% say they have NO patience for being in the kitchen. Why is this? Life has become more hectic as, here's that word again, things get back to normal.

We don't mind cooking IF it doesn't take long

I can speak for myself here: I like cooking, but I don't want to wait around forever for my food to be prepared. The study backs up those feelings. What we want, according to the study, is to spend fewer than 25 minutes working on a meal. I have one of those food preparation deliveries. I always select the quick meals for that exact reason. I want to eat. QUICKLY. After work, who wants to be in the kitchen all day? Even if you work from home.

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