There is nothing more frustrating than slow or nonfunctioning Wi-Fi. Because of the digital world in which we live, our work, not to mention our lives, depend on internet speeds, whether we're trying to send emails or simply stream a show or movie.

New data from QRFY Code Generator tells a concerning story about the state of Iowa's Wi-Fi, however. According to research, Iowa is among the bottom ten states with the worst internet speeds. This was discovered in the process of figuring out which smartphone apps hog the most space on a person's phone.

Photo Credit: turk_stock_photographer
Photo Credit: turk_stock_photographer

As far as apps on your phone are concerned, two of the biggest data-hogs are apps that millions have and use on a regular basis. Those are TikTok and Google, which will use at least 325 megabytes (Mb) of your space at minimum. This doesn't account for cache, or data that apps store on your phone.

Other apps that were found to take up the most space were Google Maps, Max (the streaming service), and the increasingly popular shopping app Temu.

Popular Apps That Use the Most Space on Your Phone:

 App App size 
1 CapCut - Video Editor 847.3 Mb 
2 TikTok 372.7 Mb 
3 Google 330.6 Mb 
4 Instagram 289.6 Mb 
5 Google Maps 289.6 Mb 
6 MONOPOLY GO! 256.3 Mb 
7 Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies 128 Mb 
8 WhatsApp Messenger 117.2 Mb 
9 Chat GPT 90.6 Mb 
10 Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire 52.3 Mb 
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Of course, these apps won't be able to operate at their most optimal if your internet speeds are inadequate. This study also discovered that Iowa's median internet speeds are among the worst in the country at about 199.57 megabytes-per-second (Mbps).

Other key findings from QRFY's research include:

  • Montana is the state most likely to experience slow internet speeds due to apps draining the Wi-Fi, reporting the lowest median internet speed of 140.34 Mbps.
  • Vermont is the second state most at risk of being affected by slower internet speeds with a median speed of 149.28 Mbps.
  • Alaska has the third slowest median speed with 149.50 Mbps, New Mexico fourth with 157.85 Mbps, and Idaho fifth with a median internet speed of 184.41 Mbps

States with the Weakest Median Internet Speed:

 US state Median internet speed 
1 Montana 140.34 Mbps 
2 Vermont 149.28 Mbps 
3 Alaska 149.50 Mbps 
4 New Mexico 157.85 Mbps 
5 Idaho 184.41 Mbps 
6 Arkansas 195.00 Mbps 
7 Iowa 199.57 Mbps 
8 Wyoming 203.2 Mbps 
9 Mississippi 206.20 Mbps 
10 West Virginia 211.88 Mbps 

Read more about QRFY's study on space-hogging apps and states with weak internet speeds on their website.

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