Animal neglect is something people don’t take lightly. So, when we hear about a case of neglect that involves a thousand animals, people expect something to be done to stop this in the future.

Big pig in the farm - Look like lonely

Back in June, there was a woman in Early, Iowa who was arrested after over 1,000 dead pigs were discovered between two consignment sites.

On Monday, Elana Laber submitted a written plea to the Sac County District Court. She pleaded not guilty to the charges against her in connection to the mass pig death. Laber is being charged in the Sac County District Court with two counts of livestock neglect and first-degree criminal mischief.

During an investigation, law enforcement interviewed Laber where she told them that the breakers that control the electricity in the confinements were shut off the night before the pigs’ death.

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After a veterinarian inspection, it was determined that the pigs had been left dead for at least a week.

She then told law enforcement that she knew the pigs were dead during that time, but she left them not knowing what to do. All the pigs were at different stages of decomposition and they all had no access to feed or water.

According to Sioux City Journal, the deceased pigs were owned by Corey AGR Inc., of Lytton, Iowa. The estimated loss of the pigs is more than $150,000.

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