Man, I get the fear, I totally do. We should stay home, stay socially distant (physically) from one another. Makes sense to me. Our fine men and women in uniform still have to go to work and, sometimes, the criminal element makes their lives oh so much easier...

Take Shawn Salmen, she's a 53 year old resident of Sioux City, Iowa. According to The Smoking Gun, Shawn was afraid her meth contained COVID-19. She marched into the Sioux City PD and requested they check said meth for coronavirus. Needless to say, they took her drugs, and her. Into custody. She's been charged with a couple narcotics charges.

In all seriousness, she unintentionally did the right thing. She was worried she'd get COVID-19, and she went to get help. Kinda anyway. Good news is now she'll be away from drugs, and can get the help she clearly needs. Oh, and her meth tested negative for COVID-19. Or, so I'd imagine...

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