Thanks to a quick response from a neighbor, a child's life was saved.

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According to KWQC, on Wednesday, March 16 an 18-month-old boy from LeClaire fell in a neighborhood retention pond. The boy, named Eddie, was playing with his siblings in the front yard when "in a split second" his mom found him face down in the water.

Panicking, Eddie's mother rushed him over to neighbor Katie Bailey's house. Bailey is a nurse who was luckily at home on maternity leave. She was able to kick her skills into gear to save Eddie. Bailey told KWQC, “she laid him on the floor right in her entryway and just yelling ‘Katie, Katie, Katie!’...My mom came and took ... my infant son away from me. And I just went into action and kind of got my nurse mode on.” Bailey had never performed CPR on a toddler Eddie's age before but she went into nursing mode.

I had to think of nursing critical care, you know what to do in the situation to help this ... little boy, and make sure that he survived,” Bailey told KWQC.

Eddie was airlifted to Iowa City for treatment and now over a week later, it's as if nothing ever happened. Eddie is thankfully happy, healthy, and doing great. Bailey urges everyone to get their CPR certifications. You never know when you'll need it to use it, but when or if you do, it'll make all the difference.

Thank goodness for good neighbors, and nurses!

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