This just in... hot off the presses... you never need to go to a resort again. You can pretty much OWN one.

For your consideration, a lovely $2,300,000 (not a typo) home in unincorporated Otley, Iowa (45 miles southeast of Des Moines). This... mansion has it all. A pool. Outdoor basketball court, what appears to be a movie theater.

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Boasting an impressive 5,500+ square feet and sitting on almost 19 acres, this home has it all. And by all, I mean things you never thought a home could, or should, have.

  • Patio, deck, pool
  • 3 car attached heated garage
  • 6 bath, 6 bedroom
  • 18.99 acres of land
  • Over 5,500 sq. ft
  • 4-season porch
  • Reading nook with floor to ceiling bookshelves
  • A body of water behind the home
  • Outdoor basketball court (cement)
  • Grand piano room (whatever that is)

Now, what does every resort need? Pool? Got that. Basketball, or some sport available? Check. Lots of places to escape? Got that. So what's missing? Pool boy? Pianist?

You can see the full listing from Trulia here, and we can take a peek in and around the home now. Ohh, just a reminder before we do, the mortgage on this puppy will run you approximately $12,699.

Remember the show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Yeah, Robin Leach could have easily had this expensive puppy showcased. Eek.Okay! Onward to the Iowa Mansion that's a resort all by itself:

This Iowa Mansion is More Amazing than a Five-Star Resort

This stunning home will cost you, but it would be like living in a resort!

If that is a little too much for your needs, for your consideration, here is a mini-resort option you may find more affordable. Enjoy!

Milo Mini-Resort

Mini-Resort in Milo, Iowa

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