If I ever win something really big, I want to hear the sound of a cash register or slot machine making that beautiful jackpot sound in my head. Of course, I realize that isn't reality. However, someone in Iowa is holding a multi-million dollar lottery ticket. The only questions are a)Do they know? and b)Who are they?

According to the Iowa Lottery, a ticket worth $2 million was sold at a convenience store in Forest City, Iowa ahead of Monday's $403.9 million Powerball drawing. That $2 million ticket missed winning the massive jackpot by just one number and was the only $2 million ticket sold in the entire country for Monday's drawing.

The $2 million ticket sold at the Casey's store on Highway 69 S. in Forest City had the first five numbers in the drawing... 3-6-11-17-22. Even though they didn't have the Powerball number (11), they added the Power Play option to their ticket. That doubled their prize from $1 million to $2 million... just a little bit of a difference.

Even though we don't know who holds the $2 million ticket from Monday, we do know it's the second $2 million Powerball ticket sold in Iowa this year. Back on January 10, Karla and Keith Elenz of New Hampton won the same prize. The happy couple turned in the winning ticket three days later (photo below).

Perhaps there's some special luck in that part of Iowa this year. Both Forest City and New Hampton are in northern Iowa, about 90 minutes apart.

Tonight's Powerball drawing is for an estimated $420 million.

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Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

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