There's a warning for parents to pay attention to their kiddo's skin.

Kids seem to get bumps and bruises all the time. They're covered in dirt half of the time or they got some kind of rash, bug bite, or cut. It's honestly part of being a kid. Most of the time these aren't a problem, but if you notice one distinct detail, it can signal something bad.

Tracking Lines

What you want to watch for are tracking lines. And no, that doesn't mean some kind of 'tracker' following your kid. It just means lines that are puffy, pronounced, and/or are leading to a certain place on your kid's body. They may also be painful to the touch for the kiddo.

They look like this:

Red tracking lines indicate that an infection is making it's way to the kid's lymphatic system, according to IFL Science.

It's called lymphangitis and it can go away if you treat it quickly with some antibiotics, but the red lines likely come from bacteria that got into an open wound. It can signal a Staph infection.

If you see red tracking lines on your kid, it's important to take them to a doctor right away.

If lymphangitis is left untreated, it can lead to sepsis, which is a life-threatening condition and kills about 7,000 children each year according to the Sepsis Alliance.

Now that we're going into spring and kiddos are playing outside more, getting more cuts, scrapes, and possibly animal bites, it's important to keep an eye on your kid's skin after one of these encounters. Watch for these red lines and go seek professional medical help if you see them develop.

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