A northern Iowa farmer spent the night in a less than ideal place before rescue crews came in to rescue him.

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A farmer in the Ackley-Iowa Falls area was working on his farm Thursday afternoon when he was trapped in one of the grain bins on his farm. It wasn’t until the next morning that officials were called.

Hardin County Sheriff via Facebook
Hardin County Sheriff via Facebook

A neighbor stopped by his farm that next morning and discovered the farmer was stuck in the bin at around 11 AM.  The neighbor then called 911 to help get the farmer freed from the bin.

Despite spending the night in a very dangerous place, inside the grain bin, the victim was conscious and alert through the whole process says a report in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

Crews from Ackley, Iowa Falls, Alden, Buckeye, Eldora, Hubbard, New Providence, Radcliffe, Steamboat Rock, Union, Whitten, and Hardin County responded to the call. They were able to free the trapped farmer using shields to block the grain from engulfing him and cutting holes to relieve the pressure.

Hardin County Sheriff via Facebook
Hardin County Sheriff via Facebook

The rescue process took about an hour. The trapped man was freed by 12:36 pm.

The Hardin County Sheriff’s office credited the rescue mission’s success to their hours of training says a Facebook post.

This incident was a team effort and was successful due to the people involved, the countless hours of training, time spent away from their families, and their relentless approach to succeed.

Once rescued from the grain bin, the victim was then transported to the Hansen Family Hospital in Iowa Falls for treatment. The identity of the victim has not been identified.

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