[UPDATE]The body of the man who went missing when a grain silo collapsed Tuesday morning has been recovered according to an article in WQAD.

"On behalf of all first responders, we extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of the victim in this difficult time," the Des Moines County Sheriff's office said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Currently, the identity of the recovered person is being withheld until a later date. The sheriff’s office is asking the public to avoid the area as crews work to make it safe.

Photo: Elijah Lane
Photo: Elijah Lane


[ORIGINAL] At around 8 am Tuesday morning, dispatchers received a call about a grain bin that collapsed in Yarmouth, Iowa, 20 miles east of Mount Pleasant. In an article in KCRG, a bystander says two guys were working at the grain elevator when the collapse happened around 7:45 am. One of the men made it out, but the other was missing.

According to KTVO, the search started around 8 am Tuesday morning and as of late afternoon, crews were still shifting through the debris to try to find the man. Crews including eight local fire departments in the area and the Iowa Task Force worked together to try to dig the man out says KCRG.

Photo: Elijah Lane
Photo: Elijah Lane

Throughout the day, crews worked in extreme temperatures. Volunteers rushed to the scene to bring crews food, water, and ice.

One grain silo, which is made from concrete, collapsed. The collapse happened at Agri-Way Partners LLC.

According to a Facebook update, a second grain bin collapsed on the site.

Gina Hardin, the Des Moines Country Emergency Management Coordinator says there are currently no sign of the individual in the rubble.

This is a developing story that will be updated as more information becomes available.

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