Come my fellow nerds, let us embrace all things good-n-geeky! There's now hard science to back-up the fact the state of Iowa is a true nerd-dom! Erm, nerd kingdom. Let me elaborate.

The people at Zippia have put out a list of each U.S. state rank by nerdiest. Utah was number one, Mississippi was number 50. So where did Iowa, future home of Captain Kirk PS, rank? We're number 17 out of 50. And that puts us ahead of fellow Midwestern states like Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois and both Dakotas.

In order to accurately determine just how nerdy we all are in America, the folks at Zippia used Google trends based on the following geeky genres:

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Dungeons Dragons
  • Live action role-playing game (LARPing)
  • Harry Potter

I'll be honest, of those, I'm only really into two and they both start with the word 'star'. The others are not my thing. But alas, I'm happy to be living in such an open (nerd) world! By the way fellow nerds, according to, 'dweeb', 'oaf', 'fool', and 'dolt' are all synonyms for nerd. Should we be offended?

See where all the states ranked here.

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