Ag leaders across the Midwest are urging biofuels to be the solution to rising gas prices.

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Following Biden’s announcement banning Russian oil into the US, Biden lauded that people should use electric vehicles, something that Iowa Senator Joni Ernst calls “reckless”.

Ernst said that in Biden’s announcement to ban Russian oil, he didn’t mention biofuels as a possible solution.

"Energy security is national security," Ernst said. "Banning Russian oil was long overdue but it's unacceptable that this administration remains beholden to the radical, deranged climate agenda of the far left and still refuses to support America's homegrown energy, like Iowa biofuel."

Because of this, Senator Ernst and Grassley announced the Home Front Energy Independence Act which would make the ban on Russian oil law and open up the use and production of biofuel that’s grown in America.

“Our new legislation combines parts of several past bills that we worked on together that would make E15 available year-round, establish an E15 and Biodiesel Tax Credit, direct EPA to finalize their E15 labeling rule, and provide for biofuel infrastructure and compatibility with retailers,“ said Ernst.

According to Ernst, Iowa’s biofuels are ready to fill the void.

“The current excess ethanol capacity domestically is nearly the same as the amount of Russian gas the U.S. had been importing. Roughly 83 million barrels versus 87 million barrels. With gas prices spiking far past time for President Biden to make good, on the promises he made on the campaign trail to Iowa farmers and producers.“

As Biden pushes for electric vehicles, Senator Grassley tells us that the materials needed to build those cars come from China and Russia.

“There’s a solution that would require less back-peddling from this administration,” said Grassley. “And that solution is our own Iowa homegrown biofuels.”

Biofuels can provide a quick and easy solution to lowering prices at the fuel station he adds.

“It’s a clean energy solution that can immediately lower gas prices and bolsters American energy independence and will result in a cleaner environment.”

The bill has bipartisan support

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