Today is a good day to have a potato. For lunch, for dinner, there are so many ways to make potatoes rock. What's your favorite way to make a potato? French fries? Twice-baked? Good ol' reliable baked potato? OH, potato chips? Mmm. Well, a study from Zippia got data on all 50 states and how we all prefer our potatoes. The only problem was, Iowan's number one answer was...

Onion Rings

Yes, onion rings.

Say what? Did we pick onion rings?

Um... What? There is no potato in an onion ring. Seriously, it's not even in the batter which usually consists of flour, an egg, oil, and milk. How... why... ugh. There are so many great ways to turn potatoes into unhealthy goodness and our great state chose the wrong battered vegetable. Wait, is a potato a vegetable? SEE, I'm so confused now myself...

Yet, unapologetically, we chose onion rings as our favorite potato product. We have to know what a potato is, our farmers grow 'em!

What other states picked

In terms of what other states choose, all 49 others went with a REAL potato-based food item. French fries destroyed all the other choices and come in #1 in 18 different states. Mashed potatoes are next with seven states. Meanwhile baked potato took the top spot in three U.S. states. Oddly, not a single state picked hash browns. That means more states (ours) chose onion rings over hash browns, an actual potato-based food item.

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I'm not knocking onion rings. They're always a good bar food pick. But they aren't potato-based. I just don't get it!

See a map of all 50 states' top potato picks here. For the record, my favorite potato dish is Tater Tots. Hey, at least I didn't say 'salad'...

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