As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to suck headline space, The Iowa Event Center is requiring proof of the ticketholder having either the COVID-19 vaccine or a negative COVID test, for two of its upcoming shows. Wells Fargo Arena, part of The Iowa Event Center, is requiring one of the previously mentioned for the Michael Buble concert on September 17th and James Taylor one on December 8th. But why? Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds shot down any notion a vaccine passport could or would fly in the Hawkeye State.

The venue is just following the artists' requests

The official stance on vaccinated ticketholders wondering about the COVID vaccine is simply no stance at all. This is according to the General Manager of the Iowa Event Center, Chris Connolly. he was quoted in a WHO-TV story. However Connolly concedes, they will work with an artist or their management to accommodate their wishes with regards to the vaccine.

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If you're holding tickets for either of these shows or any that require proof of the vaccine or a negative test prior to entering, be prepared to show your paper or digital copy of your vaccination card or a negative COVID-19 test before entering.

All children are still required to meet the criteria. When a child age patron is too young to be vaccinated, they will need to have a negative COVID test. According to the WHO-TV report, some patrons have asked for a refund as opposed to following the requested policy. Connolly, in the report from WHO-TV, indicates the venue negotiated with the artists and their management to make it as flexible as possible.

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