A big game changer when it comes to maternity leave in the US.

It has to be a nervous feeling in the middle of a job interview having to tell a potential employer that you want this job but need to take a few months off within the year because you are going to have a baby. But it shouldn't be nerve racking. It should not effect your status of employment. This was the feeling of Chelsey DeRuyter who went into the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa to interview for their open chief development officer position.

But she didn't have to worry because in December, the organization told her to just bring her infant into work with her. The infants-at-work policy allows new moms, dads, and guardians the ability to bring their infant into work with them for 6 months or until the child can crawl - which ever comes first.

As the United States is the only advanced nation that does not guarantee paid maternity leave, this can be a big game changer when it comes to maternity leave. This could take effect in more organizations in Iowa and across the US.

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