So you have an extra $50K to blow? No? Okay maybe $25K? How about $5,000? I've gone window shopping and found the most expensive items currently for sale on eBay that have Iowa ties. A few are items from Iowa sellers, while others are items from Iowa. They all have one thing in common: they're all really stinkin' expensive.

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How I compiled this list

I went to eBay, obviously, and first simply searched 'IOWA'. I got some decent results, but also dozens of heavy machinery that happens have Iowa in the name, or have been made here. So, I got more specific and searched for Iowa based sellers first, then I searched for Iowa again and set the search to price highest to lowest. I did some sifting and found more relevant items. Id' say some are real gems.

Let's dive in.

These Are The Most Expensive Iowa Items on eBay

There's some pretty interesting stuff from or about Iowa on eBay. These are the most expensive among 'em.

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