Adam Sanders hopes his new song "Do What We Do" will become an anthem. The singer and songwriter took an unconventional approach to writing this track from his upcoming album. A new music video — premiering exclusively on Taste of Country — shows what he's after.

Veteran songwriter Brice Long (Randy Houser, Gary Allan, Jon Pardi) helped Sanders write the country-rocker, but to round out the story, they needed someone who lived it. So he partnered with Jesse Heimer, a third generation livestock producer and owner of Heimer Hampshire. While he doesn't have as long of a musical resume as the other two men, he brought the true understanding to the process. Together, they hoped to write an anthem for stock show kids.

"These kids," Heimer begins in a behind-the-scenes video also shared first on ToC, "hundreds of thousands of kids across the country that are involved in the junior livestock program, who are passionate about raising animals, who are learning work ethic and responsibility and this character building stuff that makes them better adults and better citizens down the road. We wanted to create something that really represented that effort."

Sanders says his partnership with Heimer began as a friendship before they took to writing "Do What We Do." Lyrically, the track is accessible to anyone who's unafraid of dirt and hard work. It's an uptempo, identifying vocal that applies to farmers, blue collar workers, or really anyone who earns a paycheck in the sun.

To date, "Thunder" is Sanders' most streamed song on Spotify, but tracks like "Burnin' Roses" and "Nothin' to Do But Drink" are nearing 10 million streams. "What If I'm Right" was released earlier this spring. It's the title track from his new album of the same name, available May 21.

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