January has come and gone. Heck, February is over half over. But just now we're learning an ice cold fact that shouldn't shock anyone in the midst of a pandemic: we didn't do this whole 'Dry January' thing too well. Quick, in case you don't know what that is, it means you resolve to have NO alcohol for the month of January. Why? Maybe a cleanse from the holidays or, to kick off the new year with more brain cells? Maybe to achieve a short New Years resolution? I'm not sure. Honestly, it's not my thing and I didn't even try to participate.

According to research from Study Finds, we did not succeed in abstaining from hooch for a full 31 days. And some of the excuses used were... kinda lame actually. In fact, number one on the list of why we had a drink (or more) last month? 'I forgot I was doing Dry January'. Hm. Nice try.

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Here's the top reasons we blew that Dry January initiative:

  • I forgot I was doing Dry January. An amazing 44% of those who didn't make it through the month without booze said that was one of the main reasons.
  • I wanted to drink with a friend or coworker, 39% of people
  • I went on a date, 37% of people
  • I had a bad day at work, 36% of people
  • I wanted to relax, 33% of people
  • I got stressed out watching the news, 25% of people

So there you have it, we struggled to avoid stresses, forgot, or came up with another reason to partake. Look, should many or most of us cut back a bit? Sure. Probably yes actually. In Iowa, we drank more in 2020 than ever before. But to just throw out a month and say, 'nope! I'm gonna avoid alcohol!' What's the point?

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