Remember the old days when you couldn't drive? It was the WORST right? Especially in eastern Iowa where mass transit isn't what it is in bigger cities. It was awful, right? Having to ask... wait... maybe convince an older sibling, a friend that could drive, or even a grandparent to take you places.

I happened upon a post from our sister station in New Jersey where Matt Ryan asked if people could pass New Jersey's new drivers test. That reminded me that I came to Iowa in my 30s and only had to take the quick eye test to get my license as I'd had a Minnesota driver's license prior.

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I decided to give it a shot and I have to say, the test was actually pretty... tricky. There are a lot of questions based on numbers and, when you see all the options at once, it's really kind of hard to remember what the correct answer is.

I chose ten questions from the actual Iowa drivers exam. I also took the exam myself. While the full exam has more questions and even graphics, the questions below are exactly how they appear on the real exam.

In order to pass and snag that license, you must score at least an 80%. So go ahead, let's see how you do with ten of the actual questions from the REAL Iowa drivers test. If you get any wrong, I won't tell your old behind-the-wheel instructor. I promise. I got a couple of 'em wrong as well.

Good luck!

Can You Ace the Surprisingly Difficult Iowa Drivers Test?

It's not that hard, right? You know the answers.

So, how did you do?

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