Remember The Office episode where Michael drives into the lake because his GPS told him to "take a right"? Dwight told him not to, but, he blindly listened to the robotic voice and plopped his car in the lake. That was fiction. This is not. Sadly. This also does nothing to aid the reputation Iowans are bad drivers.

Construction crews tried to stop her...

I'm sure this woman is sufficiently embarrassed, but she deserves to be. According to a KCCI story, a 37-year old female driver ignored road closure barriers on Martin Luther King Drive in Fort Dodge and drove right into a fresh, wet patch of concrete where her car became stuck. The Fort Dodge Police Department says the woman told them she was just following her GPS. Hm. Do you think her GPS told her to drive around a couple of barriers into a work zone? Probably not. I also highly doubt it told her to then go right into wet concrete.

According to the report, crews attempted to stop the GPS-following woman, but it was to no avail.

The city took to Facebook to remind people to pay attention

Look, it's summer, A.K.A. roadwork season in Iowa. It sucks, no one likes construction projects. But, they're necessary (usually), and unavoidable. Hence, you need to respect 'em or you'll go mad. Or, drive into wet concrete that was supposed to be patching a lousy stretch of road. Speaking of our 37-year old scofflaw, the City of Fort Dodge took to its Facebook to remind drivers not to be so stupid when they drive. Needless to say, most commentators were poking fun at the driver. Since no one except a car and some pride was hurt, I guess there's nothing wrong with that.

Drive safe! And, be mindful your GPS may be trying to kill you... or severely embarrass you.

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