Getting gas is already expensive, there's no need to make the experience worse.

We can go on for days about how not to be an annoying person at a gas station. If you want to go inside after you get gas, don't leave your car at the pump if the station is busy. Don't let your kids out of the car when you're getting gas. It's a whole bunch of common sense things that a lot of people forget.

But there's one thing that you really should quit doing.

For The Safety Of You And Everyone Else


I'll admit that I've done this. Topping off your gas tank is something that you're warned not to do all of the time. But it's so satisfying to get the amount clicker to an even number right? Like $30.50 or even $40 instead of $30.04. So you click and click the nozzle after it's already clicked off.

Yeah, quit that.

It could be a road trip habit for you to break this summer. Topping off your gas tank really damages your car, according to Consumer Reports, and could release harmful vapors in the air too, especially if it were to spill out of the tank.

AAA also says you need to trust the pump's click-off. Gas pumps have a vapor recovery system that recovers gas pumped that goes in effect at the automatic shut-off. If you top off, you're kinda wasting money. That gas is just going back into the station's tanks.

If you're already putting your car through miles of road trips this summer (or hitting a few curbs like me), don't overfill your tank either and create issues that could've been avoided.

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