Being selected to represent your team at Big Ten Media Day is a big deal, especially for a senior. But an Iowa defensive lineman has recused himself from that honor due to an ongoing NCAA investigation into sports gambling at the University of Iowa.

Iowa senior defensive lineman Noah Shannon was initially announced as part of Iowa's player reps for Big Ten Media Days July 26-27 in Indianapolis, according to the Des Moines Register. Defensive back Cooper DeJean and tight end Luke Lachey would join him. However, Shannon would issue a statement saying that due to the ongoing NCAA investigation into sports gambling at the University of Iowa, it didn't feel right for him to represent the team.

Being selected to represent the Iowa Hawkeye football team at Big Ten Media Day(s) is a tremendous honor and privilege. I am grateful for the opportunity. However, given the circumstances, I told coach (Kirk) Ferentz it would (be) best for him to select another player. Since the NCAA review is not yet complete, I don’t feel it is right for me to represent the team.

The Register reports that Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said in a statement that Shannon's decision to have another Iowa player take his place "is reflective of his character." Ferentz also noted that Noah is a "committed and dedicated teammate, and this is a fine example of him wanting to put the team first." Linebacker Jay Higgins will replace Shannon at Big Ten Media Days.

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Shannon is the first Iowa football player to be publicly named in the current sports gambling investigation. The Register reports that 26 athletes at Iowa and 15 at Iowa State have been flagged for potential violations. The Register reports that Shannon's college career could be in jeopardy if he bet on Iowa games in any sport, and could lose half a season if he bet on college football. Multiple-game suspensions are also a possibility based on a dollar amount that was wagered.

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