There are a lot of questions surrounding the COVID-19 booster shots. Am I eligible? Where can I go to get it? How much time do I wait between shots? We do have some answers to our vaccine booster questions.

Who in Iowa is eligible, and where can we get the vaccine?

The third vaccine dose, or second in the case of Johnson and Johnson, is suggested for only some of Iowa's population at this time.

It is recommended for:

  • Long-term care facility residents
  • Individuals ages 65+
  • Individuals ages 18+ with underlying medical conditions
  • Individuals ages 18-64 years who are at increased risk for COVID-19 exposure and transmission because of an occupational or institutional setting

Does it matter which shot I got the first time?

Depending on which COVID vaccine you were administered affects when you should get a booster. Both the FDA and CDC recommend a Johnson and Johnson booster for all of its vaccine recipients 2 months after vaccination. That is regardless of age, pre-existing conditions, etc. The Johnson and Johnson shot is only one dose initially.

The FDA and CDC recommend the Moderna booster dose 6 months following the second dose of the vaccine for the above-listed criteria.

When it comes to which booster you should get, experts say you do not have to get the same vaccine you originally received. A KCRG report shows mixing vaccines is actually a great way to boost COVID antibodies and decrease the risk of COVID-19, or a severe infection.

Where can I get my booster shot?

As of today, Friday, October 22nd, Hy-Vee is offering the booster shot to eligible Iowans. If you'd like to get vaccinated at Hy-Vee, whether booster or initial dose, you can sign-up for a time here.

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