Anyone who's spent time in Iowa City can tell you that it's a terrific college atmosphere. The University of Iowa is definitely ingrained in the community. The Hawkeye obsession runs deep, and there's research to back that up. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau & The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Iowa City as America's top college town.

The list considered factors like overall population, student population, college education rates, transportation access, cost of living (more money to spend on Hot Pockets) and  bar availability (okay, maybe that money gets spent on beer).

Iowa City was ranked #4 when it comes to city access, #7 in student employment, and #8 in college-educated population. Surpisingly, Iowa City didn't break the top 10 in nightlife rankings despite the University of Iowa's regular appearances on "Top Party School" lists.

And let's not forget that Kinnick Stadium is home to the best tradition in college football. Congrats, Iowa City. You're officially the cream of the crop. I...O...W...A!

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