A pour scheme... You just don't that if you're a bar manager/operator. Not familiar with what a pour scheme is? It's when a bar pours a cheaper liquor into a fancier liquor brands bottle. So for example, dumping Windsor Canadian into an empty bottle of Maker's Mark, and passing it off as the more expensive whiskey - and charging the patron for the costlier booze. Sadly, it does happen and an Iowa bar just got busted for doing it.

Radio Iowa reports the Surf District Bar and Restaurant in Clear Lake got busted for committing a pour scheme. According to the report, investigators noticed well worn bottles of nicer alcohol sitting behind the bar that were filled up nearly to the top. As a result, an investigation was launched and one between January and October of 2019, there was only one bottle of Jack Daniels, as compared to 94 bottles of the far less expensive Hawkeye whiskey. The Surf District Bar and Restaurant also purchased over 200 bottles of Hawkeye vodka, compared to only nine bottles of higher end vodka brands.

As a result of the findings, a judge declared the Surf District Bar and Restaurant would lose its liquor license for 21 days, though the bar has 30 days to appeal the judges decision.

I'm sure many customers wouldn't notice a taste difference, but as a fan of good alcohol, I think this, a pour scheme, is the absolute worst thing a bar could do. That said, 99.9% don't do it so, stay thirsty my friends! Hm, I think someone already took that catchphrase.

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