A 13-hour drive to buy coffee, and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a whole bunch of the country. Both were opportunities a Pennsylvania teenager could not pass up!

KIMT reports that Colton Marley was shuffling through his wallet (let this be a lesson to periodically check the contents of yours, because who knows?) when he found a coupon good for a small McCafe drink. It had no expiration date but was, oddly, only good in three McDonald's locations, one of them being Clear Lake, Iowa. With that being the closest among the three, Colton and a few friends decided to set off on the ultimate road trip.

Before arriving in Clear Lake, check out the other "pit stops" Colton and his three friends, Trey Hixon, Eli Peel, and Jonah Smeltzer made:

  • A Billy Joel concert in Indiana
  • The I-80 Truck Stop in Davenport
  • A tour of the world-famous Surf Ballroom

They say they had "joked" about making this kind of trek as a senior trip for years. According to Trey Hixon:

We always joked that we'd one day go out and do it, but I guess here we are

The boys, who made the trip from Pittsburgh in suits and ties, no less, also couldn't stop raving about all the Iowa nice they've experienced.

It's a great town, we've loved everything about it," Peel added. We weren't completely expecting it, but this is a beautiful town. We've enjoyed it

They eventually arrived at the McDonald's in question where, thankfully, the McCafe coupon was accepted. If it hadn't been, they still would have had an experience they will likely never forget.

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