We all own one. We all use them every day. You could even be reading this article on it right now. Yes, I'm talking about your phone. Cell, or landline, phones make Iowans very nervous. But not because of an app or anything like that, simply the fact you can receive calls.

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

Why are Iowans anxious about phone calls?

Apparently, we don't like when the phone rings. But why is that? According to Simple Texting, Iowans become very anxious when their phones ring. But why? The study doesn't say specifically. Iowa has a lot of farmers, but would a farmer be more anxious about taking a phone call? That doesn't seem to add up. It could very be that especially younger phone users prefer to text and simply get anxious when someone calls them.

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The only states that get more anxious are Michigan, Connecticut, and New York. I'll speak for myself, I much prefer texting/emails to a phone conversation. I know, those methods are not super personal, but they're just less stress-inducing.

Is your cell phone trying to kill you?

According to a Harvard study - the answer is maybe. Apparently, there have been numerous head and neck injuries due to smartphone usage, and most of them, 40%, happen around the home. While that's not too alarming, the fact that 10% happened while driving is both scary and, very much avoidable. No matter how anxious you get taking a phone call, that's still a far safer activity while in the car than trying to text or email someone.

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