Now you can yell at referees and actually get a response.

There's a saying in basketball that goes, "parents want to coach, coaches want to ref, and refs want to watch the game." But there are clear cases of parents and fans yelling at the referee throughout the game.

When assistant varsity coaching at a high school a parent yelled from the stands, "CALL IT BOTH WAYS!" This is a common one that you hear from the stand but the reason this particular time stands out in my memory is because at the time, the team fouls were 6 apiece for our team and the opponents. It doesn't exactly get more "both ways" than that. But now fans can interact with NBA referees during the game.

No, not the refs that are doing their job during the game you are watching, but on Twitter, you can interact with real NBA referees that are watching the same game. All you have to do is tweet to @OfficalNBARefs or use the hashtag #RefWatchParty and real NBA referees will explain calls and interact with fans. There are going to be select games that NBA refs do this including playoffs.

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