With Instagram becoming one of the most-used social platforms by young people, the app is rolling out a pretty significant update.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Instagram has had conversations with content creators about producing long-form video for the platform. Instagram is shifting towards allowing users to post videos up to an hour in length. Until now, IG limited videos to 60 seconds--and prior to 2016, you could only upload videos 15 seconds or shorter.

This new feature would fall in line with Facebook's recent emphasis on video content--Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Also, and the new update looks to focus on vertical video rather than horizontal clips like YouTube.

Teens are ditching Facebook at a rapid rate, and Snapchat is cluttered, disjointed and hard to navigate...so why not take advantage of this trend? And with YouTube recently being named the most-popular "social media" site this move makes a lot of sense.

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