There are a lot of unique homes out there, right? We've shown you an Iowa house with a slide inside, a home with a video game store that would rival a Game Stop right there inside the home. Sure, these homes are cool, but from the outside, they all look like a standard home.

I was trying to decide what to call this crazy, unique basement home... Doomsday Peeker? Smashed Regular House? Flattened Flat? Naw. Those all have potential, but a house this unique doesn't really need a name. it is about as unique as it will get as is.

This very interesting property is located in Deer Creek, Illinois, and it's currently listed at a mere $35,000 on Zillow. It's a home unlike any other on its block, or dare I saw, anywhere else.

Fully ready to handle a zombie apocalypse and a series of tornadoes, this home is like something out of a TV show or movie. Again, it's like nothing you'll see anywhere else that I know of.

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Before we take a look around and a look down, so to speak, here are some fast facts about the home:

  • 2 Bed, One Bath
  • 832 sq. feet
  • The only above-ground structure is a 12x16 shed/garage
  • Located in Deer Creek, Illinois
  • The asking price (as of this writing) is $35,000
  • The house has no head... (not exactly a selling feature)

You can see the full listing on Zillow here. But for now, let's have a look around, shall we? We'll have a look around. Be sure you keep your eyes DOWN when we're exploring.

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