It's a crazy time for sure. With a pandemic affecting our daily lives, 'normal' has gone by the wayside. But here's a strange one for you, the Iowa Deportment of Public Health removed its spokesperson of 12 years for... being too honest with the media? That's what she feels is the primary reason.

The Des Moines Register reports Polly Carver-Kimm was booted from her position on Wednesday (July 15), for what she thinks was her handling of information with the media. Are we to assume that means Carver-Kimm thinks the IDPH feels she was giving too much info or overly honest information? Maybe? The Iowa Department of Public Health won't say that's why, but they've defended their information releases to the media, and claim to be very honest and upfront with Iowa's COVID information. Carver-Kimm said nearly all media questions and requests regarding the coronavirus are now redirected to the office of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

There have been changes in the flow of information from the governors office lately. Earlier this month, Gov. Reynolds announced that Iowa was changing the model for counting individuals who had recovered from COVID-19. Now instead of contacting people who had previously tested positive for the virus after 10 days, the IDPH now counts people as recovered after 28 days, unless they received information that the person was still receiving hospital treatment or had passed away.

Newsweek reports that Florida, one of the hardest hit COVID-19 states, recently fired a Florida Department of Health scientist named Rebekah Jones. Jones claims she was let go after refusing to release inaccurate information on the state of Florida's cases.

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