The COVID-19 pandemic remains at or near the top of people's minds. As we sit at the time of this writing, 19,695 Iowans have tested positive for coronavirus and sadly over 500 have passed from the infectious disease.

I would like to clarify -  have NO SYMPTOMS. I am at work as I write this, interacting with the on-air team. I feel great. I am a little hungry... but no fever, no cough. I took this test because I wanted to share my experience, and because Iowa, specifically TestIowa is now allowing all Iowans who want to take the COVID-19 test.

So here's my experience. First and foremost, I signed-up on the easy to use TestIowa site. It was easy and very user friendly. You will be asked to take an assessment before a date/time can be scheduled. I gave my answers and at the end, I was given a few days and times as options to take the test. There's no cost to take one so, don't worry about paying, or using insurance. You will need your ID and either a printer to print the QR code given, or you can pull up your email with the QR code on your smartphone. I printed my code off, as was suggested.

I was assigned to go to the TestIowa site at the Crossroads Mall in Waterloo. It was easy to find, the tent with the testing was set-up on the northeastern side of the mall (Not far from the Waterloo Driver's License Station. Again, easy to find. There were plenty of signs and markers.

After pulling into the line (there was only one car in front of me), I checked in with Iowa National Guard members, and then pulled into the tent. While I remained in my car with my window down, the test administrator gave me the rundown of what she'd be doing, instructed me to tilt my head back, and proceeded to push a long Q-Tip into my nose. After a few moments, she pulled it out... gave me a moment to wipe eyes (I needed it!) and repeated on my other nostril using the clean side of the Q-Tip.

It kinda tickled...
It kinda tickled...

All and all, it took roughly 5 minutes from the moment I pulled in, to the moment I pulled out. I never left my car, and had zero issues with any of the procedure. The team was friendly and informative - and the whole process was smooth and easy. If you feel you need a test, the Black Hawk County TestIowa site will remain in place until at least June 12. You will get your results within 72 hours via email.

Oh, and my test came back negative.

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