The Iowa-based grocery store chain is inching closer to an unprecedented number of layoffs and demotions this week.

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Hy-Vee officials announced on Friday that they would be having yet another round of major layoffs within the company, according to reports. 

The major retailer laid off 57 corporate employees from their West Des Moines office. Specifically, the departments impacted included IT, engineering, equipment, real estate and construction, according to KCCI.


In a press release that came out on Friday, store officials stated,

“Today’s announcement, combined with other employee transitions that have occurred at our corporate offices in recent weeks, has reduced our corporate office staff by a total of more than 415 positions. These transitions have come in the form of employees transferring to leadership positions at retail, taking early retirement, or voluntarily leaving the company to seek other opportunities.”

That's right...this series of layoffs bring the total number of job positions that have been reduced to 415.


Officials also confirmed that all of the 57 employees who were laid off received 30 days of pay and benefits, and were even offered retail positions at Hy-Vee.

This comes after more than 400 corporate employees were "encouraged" to transition to retail positions at various stores in March.

Hy-Vee chairman and CEO Randy Edeker said when this happened,

"As a trusted retailer that millions of people depend on every day, we need to make adjustments to better serve our customers and our more than 93,000 employees."

The rising cost of inflation, as well as disruptions to the supply chain, have also played a major role in this entire situation, store officials claim.

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