Is it possible the google search engine is one of the greatest inventions in modern-day history? Whenever you or your friends are together and you don't know an answer to a question, you can simply "google it." I know that's been many times between my friends and family when we're trying to get an answer to something. Google as a company brings in around 256.7 billion U.S dollars according to...well, Google.

Unsplash - Alex Dudar
Unsplash - Alex Dudar

Something fun I've like to do with Google is type in what does? or is there? and just see what is randomly being searched the most in the world. For example, I just typed in "how is" and the top results are how is monkeypox spread, how is monkeypox transmitted, how is money made, how is polio transmitted, and how is plastic made. A pretty random group of questions right? Well, have you ever searched "State of Iowa" and looked at what's shown up? If you haven't I'm about to do that for you.

The first thing that shows up is "Iowa" if you click the first search tab, the first website that shows up is After that very few of the searches that show up have anything to do with one another.

State of Iowa Population, State of Iowa Salaries, State of Iowa Warrant check 2022, (hopefully you don't find your name in that one) State of Iowa jobs, State of Iowa court records, State of Iowa procurement, State of Iowa warrant check 2021, (hope you don't find yourself in that one either) State of Iowa contracts, and State of Iowa child support.

I find it kind of fascinating the different things people are looking up when using google and specifically searching "State of Iowa." None of those things are really related except for the 2 warrant checks. Hey, the more you know.

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