Ugh, we've all been there.

So excited to bite into that luscious, juicy, sweet watermelon. Summer at its best for sure. Then, after all the excitement and hoopla, your watermelon moment is that light pink, dull-tasting bite that makes your heart sink.

While there are several things we've all been taught to do to test watermelon ripeness, there's really only one full-proof way according to the Simply Recipes website.

joanna kosinska
joanna kosinska

When you're at the grocery store, a farmers' market, or come across a roadside stand this is the one and only thing you should with a whole watermelon to guarantee that perfect watermelon.

You simply pick it up and look for a small, dull, yellowish spot about the size of a quarter.

The belly or underside of the watermelon should have a creamy yellow spot. This is where the watermelon sat on the ground and ripened in the sun.

That spot is called the field spot or ground spot according to HGTV and that pale, creamy, buttery yellow means it's ripe and ready for you to slice into it and enjoy.
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If the spot is light green or white then that means the watermelon hasn’t quite ripened yet. You may even see green speckles in the yellowish spot to further emphasize that it's still ripening.
2 More Ways to Compliment the Ground Spot Rule
Since deliciously ripe watermelons are 92% water they should be heavy and the heavier the better according to Simply Recipes.
If you decide to do the thumping test which is the most popular way but not always easy to hear according to Simply Recipes, ripe watermelons have a dull, hollow sound while immature melons have a high-pitched ping.

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