What did Iowa do to deserve this? Iowans just can not catch a break this spring. First, we were dealing with wind advisories daily and now we're dealing with what could end up being record-setting high temperatures throughout the state today. Elliot might've found out why it's been so humid and I think Johnny was right when he said spring was canceled.

According to KCRG, we have a pretty good chance of the heat index hitting 95 and above today. It's only May 11th for crying out loud. We haven't even been able to enjoy rolling our windows down in the car yet. Going for a walk when it's 72 and sunny. What about eating at a bar patio or rooftop when it's 75 and you're in the shade. That's what spring is supposed to be about. Being comfortable outside after being stuck inside all winter long.

According to KCRG, you can expect it to feel the warmest between 3 and 5 pm this afternoon. At 4 pm the heat index is believed to be at 98. Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Iowa City, and Waterloo are all expected to break or tie previous temperature records.

If you're like me and your body runs on hot, you might be feeling a bit cheated right now. We warm-bodied people thrive in that 65-70 degree range. We get to throw on our summer clothes and not worry about getting hot and sweaty out in public or at work. Just last Friday I was wearing a Flannel at work, now I'm wondering if I should bring two shirts to work.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. By Friday, we should have cooler weather moving into Iowa, which could lead to storms over the weekend, which should cool down the temperatures next week. KCRG says we can "plan on most of the week in the 70s as well as comfortable humidity levels."

This is also a great reminder to be mindful of your car. Never leave anything in your car that is subject to warm temperatures.

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