After learning about two Iowa men who tracked down 180-pounds of morel mushrooms, you wonder if Iowa has any left. Thankfully we could be seeing a big wave of more morels being found throughout Iowa.

I was pretty impressed to learn how big morel hunting is in Iowa. My fiance grew up in a small southeastern town in Minnesota and she told me everyone hunted for mushrooms where she grew up. It was just never something we did where I grew up. I don't think I had even heard of morel hunting until I was in my 20s.

I'm not a fan of using any kind of mushrooms in my food so I've never really had the interest to go looking for them. There's something about the squishy, sponge-like feel to them I've never been able to get over. My mom puts mushrooms on her steak and I tried to learn to do that as a kid and I couldn't do it. Morel hunters won't have to worry about beating me to any secret spots!

I can honestly say I've never gone looking for any kind of mushroom in my entire life. Not once. My fiance and I did find out we have 1 single morel in our backyard which was pretty cool. We found it the day before the 180-pound haul story was released. At least I can say I know what they look like now.

Spring got off to a pretty slow start in Iowa. We had to deal with constant wet and rainy weather. If it wasn't raining the wind was blowing anywhere from 30 to 50 mph. Then we had a major heatwave out of nowhere, with record-setting temperatures. Now that weather has started to cooperate a little bit, we could see a bit of a surge of morel mushrooms findings.

Morels tend to like cooler temperatures and nights that are in the 40s, according to KCRG. With cooler and more reasonable spring weather on the way, this could help the remaining mushrooms to stick around a little longer.

KCRG reminds you that if you do go looking for mushrooms to know where you're hunting, stay off private property, and be careful if you're in an area where pesticides have been used.

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