Chase Rice is hoping his new single, "Everybody We Know Does," will hit home with his fans. Written by Jeremy Bussey and Travis Denning, the song speaks about working hard and standing tough when things get a little rough -- values both the singer and his fans hold dear.

"Not everybody understands how we make it / Hold it together when we feel like breaking," Rice sings in the song's second verse, accompanied by a simple drum beat. "Not everybody knows what we're made of / But everybody we know does."

The chorus of "Everybody We Know Does" continues that theme: "That's what we do, that's what we love / That's how we were raised, how we grew up / Runs deep in our veins, way down in our blood ... Put your boots to the ground 'til the sun goes down / Kill a couple on next 'til we come back around / Nah, it ain't no big deal around here for us ..."

"I’ve lived a lot and had some incredible experiences and opportunities, but I’ve also been spending some time out at my farm, just unplugging for a bit and reflecting on what music means to me and what it means to all of the people who have shown up and supported me over the years," Rice says in a press release. "That’s why this song, "Everybody We Know Does," is really special to me ... it’s our sound and our lives reflected in this song. It’s who we are, and that’s ultimately what brings us all together.”

Fans can press play below to hear "Everybody We Know Does." The song is also available for download on iTunes.

Listen to Chase Rice, "Everybody We Know Does":

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