You might not care for the transfer portal has done to college football, but you have to give it to the Iowa Hawkeye football program. A year after being nothing but burnt by the portal, this offseason has seen the addition of players that will play key roles in Iowa's success this fall. On Wednesday, the Hawkeyes might have just found their replacement for All-American linebacker Jack Campbell.

While no one is going to replicate Campbell's amazing senior year, Iowa got great news yesterday as BlackHeartGoldPants reports that Virginia linebacker Nick Johnson announced that he'll spend his final season of college football wearing an Iowa Hawkeye uniform.

To say that Jackson is a big get for Iowa would be an understatement. BlackHeartGoldPants reports that Jackson was named All-ACC the past three seasons, and led the entire ACC in tackles the past two seasons. Last year, he led Virginia with 104 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 passes defended, and 1 fumble recovery. Jackson will be a graduate transfer and has one final season of eligibility left.

Jackson was actually recruited by the Hawkeyes as a three-star recruit coming out of high school in Atlanta, Georgia. He ended up choosing Virginia over Iowa and a host of other Big Ten and ACC schools. BlackHeartGoldPants reports that before choosing to end his career with the Hawkeyes, Jackson also visited Oklahoma, LSU, Auburn, and Vanderbilt. It sounds like Iowa got themselves one heck of a linebacker!

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