It's springtime. That means new life and new arrivals. Bunnies, birds, ducks, and humans.

If you're expecting a baby this spring we have some unique suggestions that are unique and embody the season. So unique you might never find the name on those truck stop souvenir mini license plates.

Daffodils are in bloom, the grass is getting green and trees have begun to bud. Winter is over and we're ready for warm temperatures and plenty of colors. If you have a baby due soon, you might want your baby's name to reflect the magic of spring.

Check out this list of cheery baby names has put together as you look forward to the big day. 

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Baby Names That Mean 'Spring'

Spring names suggested for boys

  • Alvern: spring, greening
  • Dathan: spring or fountain
  • Jarek: spring
  • Jaroslav: the beauty of spring
  • Kell: spring
  • Neo: new
Dakota Corbin/unsplash
Dakota Corbin/unsplash

Spring names suggested for girls

  • Cerelia: relating to springtime
  • Chloris: name of the Greek goddess of spring
  • Primavera/Vera: spring
  • Spring: springtime
  • Suzuko: spring child

If the color green makes you think of spring, you can represent the color of new grass, leaves, and trees with these names.

Garret Jackson/Unsplash

Green baby names for boys

  • Denver: green valley
  • Henwny: green
  • Irvin: green, fresh water
  • Vardon: green knoll
  • Vermont: green mountain

Green baby names for girls

  • Beryl: a light green gemstone
  • Chloe: freen shoot
  • Midori: green
  • Tawny: a green field
  • Verde: green
  • Emerald: green gemstone
Kashra Mishru/Unsplash
Kashra Mishru/Unsplash

If none of that sticks, how about more springtime monikers that represent symbols of spring-like butterflies, storms, rain, and flowers.

  • Aponi: butterfly
  • Caparina: a specific type of butterfly
  • Mariposa: butterfly
  • Vanessa: butterfly
  • Yara: water lady, small butterfly

Here are some baby names that mean 'storm.'

  • Raiden: Japanese god of thunder
  • Rai: lightning, thunder
  • Thor: god of thunder from Norse mythology
  • Storm/Stormy: storms
Gigin Krishnar/unsplash
Gigin Krishnar/unsplash

Want your baby's name to represent a flower?

  • Azelie: flower
  • Briony: flowering vine
  • Dahlia: from the valley
  • Flora: flower
  • Iris: rainbow goddess
  • Lily: flower
  • Willow: tree
Filip Mroz Oko/unsplash

These could be unisex

  • Ash: tree
  • Florian: flowering
  • Linden: tree
  • Oakley: from the oak tree or meadow
  • Rowan: red, tree
  • Selby: willow farm
  • Sylvan: of the forest

Can't you just feel spring with these unique baby names? Spring is my favorite season of the year. Think about pairing some of these names too; you'll always be reminded of the season you welcomed your child into the world.

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